of diets and greenslips

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Date: 09 November 2006 03:55:41

And thanks to Ian - yes, the reconciliation got better! It reconciled, hooray!

I have just bought the latest edition of the CSIRO's Wellbeing Diet. I was going to buy the first edition originally but never got around to it - the BroBoss and I were discussing it this morning, as we both agree that a high(er) protein diet suits us more than other types, and then I saw it when I went down the street and said right, I'll have that!

It has so many awesome looking recipes in it, I'm quite excited to try it out :) ... it'll be great if the BroBoss wants to have a go too, 'cause that means there'll be two of us checking it out. And the Chiligirl is ALWAYS up for a new recipe :) .. in fact, we're having Tuna Mornay for dinner tonight, I've just been informed - yummo!

I've also just renewed my greenslip (which I mentioned yesterday) ... pays to shop around! I paid $61 less by going online and with a different insurer - not bad eh!

So, I pay my rego on the 19th and I'm all set ... ready to go to tasmania and start to the process of re-inspecting and re-registering in there, as they say I'm technically 'importing' a car from the mainland. Then I have to try and get refunds out of the NSW Roads and Transport Authority - that should be fun :)

Honestly, we're one country, what was the point of Federation in 1901 if we can't even take a car to a different state? Licences don't go from state to state, I have to change health funds etc, I don't really begrudge doing it 'cause it means I'll be married and moved to Tassie BUT I do think it's silly.