Of nightmares and sunny days

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Date: 09 November 2006 22:53:12

I'm a bit tired this morning. The Wunderkind had a very loud wakeup at 3am ... I went back to sleep but I don't think I got back to sleep quite as deeply as originally. Poor little tacker, I think he had a nightmare, he's nearly two so getting to the age when they can get nightmares :(

He was a ball of fire this morning though so that's good :)

I'm all packed and ready to head down south tonight, to help with more building tomorrow (or, more likely, making sure The Sheriff doesn't decide that, at 3 years old, he's more than capable of helping the builders!). I'm gradually diminishing the amount of stuff I have floating about, with one last large bagful of clothes, shoes and handbags (good grief!) heading down with me at the end of November when I do my two days 'work experience' at my new job.

It's a gorgeous spring day today, with temps predicted to get up to 26C today and 29C over the weekend .... if we can't have rain at least we can have a gorgeous day! I hate the dreary cloudy days that do nothing but depress you. KombiBro (as Bro2 shall now be known, due to the final finishing of his restoration project on a white twin cab Kombi ute!) and The Amazon and I were discussion SAD the other day (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I tend in looks towards the German and Irish sides of the family, but have come to the conclusion that my brain is firmly wired as as Dalamation ie Mediterranean! I could NOT cope with short days and endless cloud - I would definitely go bonkers! KombiBro is of the same opinion.