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Date: 03 September 2008 10:48:19

namely MY HUSBAND!

He sent four of his students to an MDT (Materials Design Technology) challenge in Devonport yesterday, with just the normal tools they have in the workshop, and didn't even mention that they should wear school uniform, so they just rolled in in whatever they happened to wear.

They were competing against kids all dressed up to the nines in their uniforms, from private schools with big budgets, who brought their brand new bought for the occasion chisels etc in snazzy toolboxes, whereas his kids had a cardboard box.

His teachers aide phoned to give him the report last night:

The kids were essentially given a diagram/drawing and sent away to build it.

One of them won Best Overall Project (and was given an electric jigsaw as a prize).
And the others did so well, without winning a prize, that the school won Best School.

We were pretty excited about that, let me tell you, jumping around the loungeroom like loonies.

And then today we got even more news.

Sneaky teachers aide had saved the best for last. The TEACHER of the best overall project ALSO won a prize ... and that would be Mr TAsmania!

This is amazing as, normally, teachers are kinda lumped in with the school ie yay, the school did a great job and oh yeah, so did you by the way.

But not in this case. In this case the sponsors took on board the fact that it doesn't matter how much money the school has, how good the tools are, or how big the budget is, if the teacher can't teach the kids how to do the job then the rest is all pointless.

And my boy can and did.

So he was given (drum roll) "one night's accommodation for two people at Cradle Mountain Chateau in a Deluxe Room including two full buffet breakfasts in Quoll's Restaurant". Check out www.puretasmania.com.au to see it. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quoll - they're basically a native cat type thing).

Cue happy dance from wifey!