Of building works

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Date: 12 November 2006 23:43:56

Building is still ongoing at the parents abode, but it's looking good! Roof trusses on the weekend, so it actually is starting to look like it belongs to the house, rather than just being a random selection of bits of wood. It's exciting, 'cause they can see the end in sight!

Poor parents, they've worked SO hard this year, what with weddings, termites, demolition, resubmitting plans, building - and then all the other things they are involved in! Not to mention babysitting grandchildren (none of whom live closer than 1.5 hours away), a bit of casual work for mum, fencing (that's farm fences, not with swords!), church, dad's cutting an album of 'Healing Hymns', etc etc etc

I think they'll be glad to see the back of 2006 - it's been a good year but MAN has it been a full year!!!!