of wedding organisation and brain space

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Date: 13 November 2006 02:09:22

PS Thanks Rain for the graduation card suggestion - I'll put it in the diary!

I sat down last night and finally started to write out the 'run sheets' for the week leading up to the wedding - there are lots of little things that need to be done in that time, and lots of people who are doing them, so writing them out is a good thing! For example, on the day I have a page with two columns - one that says Miss Lisa and bridesmaids, the other says Everyone Else! And I'm only up to 9am and the page is full :).

Like I said, it's all bitsy stuff, but I won't want to know, mum and dad can only do so much - and they'd probably like to enjoy being parents of the bride as well! - and my sisters in law will be occupied as bridesmaids and my brothers in looking after their kids - so we've got lots of good friends helping us, including two who are taking the Friday off work! to come up and do whatever needs doing - generous MUCH!!!!!

I was starting to get a little fretful - not tearful or stressed, just not wanting to talk about it - about stuff ... but once I'd written it all down I relaxed - I think I was more worried that I'd forget something than about actual things themselves, if you know what I mean, so now it's down on the page I don't have to worry - the subconscious is a weird thing!

Mr Tasmania is all organised down in Tassie, like a good man, and has his groomsmen all sorted - so nice not to have to worry about him :), he's hands on and responsible - yet again, I'm very very blessed :)