of rain and coldiness and sore backs

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Date: 16 November 2006 00:16:39

Today Sydney had the coldest November morning since 1905! 8.3C!!!!!! And it's rainy and windy so the wind chills is apparently about 2 - 3C less than that (though it's now about 14C) ...

We've had a very odd weather year ... but as one of my workmates (the redheaded maniac) said ... it's comforting to know that none of it is really unusual ... it's all in the records somewhere (except for the extent of the drought maybe).

It's raining hard now ... but, as usual, not over catchment area!

I have had a very sore back since Saturday [see OWWWWWW] which is steadily getting better ... I've never had any back problems at all, and this is really only some sort of protest against not using a proper mattress for nearly two months so it's gradually working its way out ... but I'd just like to give my sympathies to anyone who has chronic back pain - you poor things!