of cold winds and shower teas

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Date: 16 November 2006 23:15:03

It's still cold and windy but an otherwise gorgeous day :), with predictions of no wind and 27C tomorrow,which is fantastic.

I have my wedding makeup trial tomorrow, which will be interesting! Even in my days on stage at church, when I wore quite heavy eye and lip makeup (and I mean HEAVY eye makeup!) I didn't wear foundation - not even when we had live album recordings which went to video/DVD ... at the most I wore tinted moisturiser so I wouldn't glow flourescently (I may have mentioned i have somewhat pale skin?) .... so, wedding makeup is going to be the full fig!

I have no objections as such to makeup, used to wear it for ballet performances etc, just never actually needed foundation ... and with pale skin I have a tendency to end up looking like a china doll if the foundation is too thick ... most people don't notice the ENORMOUS amount of freckles I have, but they really do make a difference thati s noticeable when they're covered in a thick layer of 'maquillage'! ala geisha

Anyway, makeup it is, yay!

Then off to my bridal shower - high tea at the QVB - we're going to pretend to be posh!