Prayer Request

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Date: 17 November 2006 01:49:16

for my oldest friend, Miss Congeniality (also one of my bridesmaids). A single mum to a teen and a pre-teen (daughters), working fulltime, studying by correspondence, father of girls lives locally but essentially a useless dad (yes, I know him fairly well and I thought he was useless when they were together, so he hasn't changed much).

13 year old daughter last weekend decided that she was staying with dad and that was it. Pre-teen daughter has never been apart from her for more than a night and is massively traumatised (besides the fact that she thinks her sister doesn't love her anymore). Father is being completely useless. Miss Congeniality is torn and doesn't know what to do, as the 13 year old is tough, stubborn AND intelligent - bad combo!

Can I ask for prayers for her please, she's not a Christian, but grew up in church, but she really needs a lot of prayer at this point. Her parents, who have been great supports to her, are currently away in Darwin and not due back for another fortnight, and she has a lot of decisions to make .. force her daughter to come home (and probably have her run away again, resent her forever, etc etc etc), or allow her to stay with her dad (with conditions obviously) and hopefully Miss 13 will discover in short order that life with dad is actually no picnic.

Thanks all!!!!