of super busy but very satisfying weekends

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Date: 19 November 2006 22:10:23

So, what do I say about the weekend? It was full, to say the least!!!

Saturday 9:30am I had my wedding makeup trial. The lady doing the makeup is highly experienced and in demand and is lovely :) so I had a great time. Very emotional though, not tears and dramas but excitement and almost a feeling of being overwhelmed ... I'm really on the countdown now, it's not just things being planned, it's things that I(we've) planned actually starting to happen. Whew! Only 26 sleeps - that's less than four weeks! In four weeks time at this hour of the day I'll be waking up to my husband for the second morning of our married life ... well, maybe a little earlier ;) who knows ... we won't go into that here though!

The makeup turned out so well, the only changes we will make relate to humidity on the day (don't really want my makeup running down my face in the church - afterwards okay!), I was really pleased.

After that I raced, literally [but always within the speed limit ;)] to our next venue of the day, the wonderful Queen Victoria Building, in centre of Sydney. The next event? My bridal shower :), high tea in the Queen Victoria Tea Rooms.

I was only 15 minutes late so not too bad :). It's a funny experience, sitting there and having people concentrate on you, and give you presents. I'm used to being at the other end of it, throwing pressies and stuff to the bride ... it's truly odd being the one receiving things - I mean, I love getting presents, but still .... funny ....

It was a beautiful high tea, King Albert china, beautiful scones, egg sandwiches, petit fours, tea/coffee etc, just lovely - and the pop quizz ChiliGirl and I put together was very funny (How Well Do You Know The Bride?). Mum won, 28/34 but wouldn't take a prize! I was quite impressed with her actually :), go MUM! Miss Deeleea actually took out first prize in the end, with a score, I think, of 26/34 - not bad eh :)

Such a variety of people there, from cousins to an aunty to one of my oldest friends (my oldest friend, as you will have read earlier, is one of my bridesmaids and was having daughter dramas so couldn't make it), to friends I've known for 10 years or so, to a new friend, The African Queen, who is the wife of one of Mr Tasmania's mates - fabulous!

Anyway, all that over, Sunday am went shopping with The Valkyrie for my going away outfit - before you have visions of scary cocktail dresses or terribly sweet travelling outfits - we're going down the South Coast of NSW for our honeymoon, so it's more along the line of a nice casual top and a cute skirt - which is exactly what I've found - so many things ticked off this weekend!

I spent Sunday arvo helping the BroBoss pack up the house - they (we) move on Friday/Saturday ... yikes, more moving, I'm a teensy bit over packing .... but at least I get my own room in the new place, not that I'm begrudging the camping on the couch in the TV room, they've been very generous - but it will be nice not to have my nephew rolling in at 5:15am every day to switch on The Wiggles!