of visitors holidays and prayers

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Date: 07 September 2008 11:59:41

we are on holidays :) at my parents place ... and our bid to surprise the siblings on Saturday morning worked - we're very rpoud of ourselves for managing to keep it a secret for nearly two months.

We've been to the new Bunnings warehouse and found lots of great ideas and solutions for things we want to do in the house, including an awesome line of eco friendly lighting using compact fluroescent globes ... means I can have halogen look without the hassles (and burning down house scariness) of halogen globes - yay!

Visited various siblings and children combinations, have been visited by those combinations, and, today, was visited by the lovely Deeleea, who wandered on down from Sydney to visit us in the Southern Highlands. Was a lovely catchup, with beautiful chocolate chip cookies hand made by the Deeleea, a trip to Bowral to have coffee with the younger sibling set plus kiddies, and then a trip with them to Berrima to see if we could spot the platypus in the local river .... no such luck but it was a lovely walk and a play on the swings.

We are finally relaxing, but I do have a prayer request, if people would be so kind to think of us. My dad put out a CD last year, of hymns specially related to Health and Healing ... in the days before its launch last year dad, who never ever gets sick, came down with food poisoning and a resultant case of illness induced depression. The launch went ahead but dad was unable to sing.

Sales of the CD, which is not made for profit, have been slow but steady, and he has sold some through a major Christian bookseller which is fabulous. He is now in Canberra at a trade show, presenting his CD to Christian booksellers from all over Australia. If you wouldn't mind praying for him .. and the rest of the family as, in the last week or so, the Broboss and his wife have been put on antibiotics (the BroBoss actually spent 3 days in bed and he is generally like my dad, he just doesn't get sick like that), their oldest son went down today with a lurgy, mum has had a return of a serious chest infection similar to one she had earlier this year which had her about 5 minutes off being hospitalised (she is now on antibiotics too), The Amazon fell down a flight of stairs yesterday and injured her elbow so badly she is getting it xrayed tomorrow as a possible broken arm, she also had a mole biopsied this morning, Mr Tasmania's cold is getting worse and getting chesty, and he's hurt his right wrist so badly (we think jarred when fixing the car) that he almost couldn't use it at all this morning.

So, a bit of a catalogue of disasters really ... and we all kinda think that it's directed at the production and sale of this CD ... so ... even if you aren't inclined to our way of thinking, we'd still appreciate your prayers for healing of the family and protection from any ill befalling us.

thanks all :)