of hot days, bushfires, censored news reports, and moving (again)

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Date: 20 November 2006 21:49:34

so, yes, it's hot ... and getting hotter.

there are large bushfires in the blue mountains. Mum has 'inside knowledge' (truly) and says that they've actually joined and are officially out of control - according to the news broadcasts they are 'backburning' and under control .... interesting! This goes along with a report a couple of months ago of a huge bank robbery (or was it an armoured car?) in the centre of Sydney ... which was NOT reported in the Sydney papers, radio or tv news BUT Mr Tasmania told me it was reported on the news down there ... in fact, after he told me I went hunting for it online and found reports everywhere except in NSW media .... opened my eyes a tad I can tell you! What else are we not being told? And why on earth did we need protection from news of a bank robbery?

and moving ... not really me this time, though technically I'm going along - the BroBoss and family move on Saturday, so yet again I"m helping pack and surrounded by boxes .... but it'll be a good move so I"m glad I'm here to help them do it :)