of clearing out my office and bushfires

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Date: 21 November 2006 22:10:51

I've just deleted 1600 emails, correspondence between Mr Tasmania and myself since March this year. I know, it's an enormous amount - but we are 1200km's apart so email has been vital for us. I have printed off a few of the really lovely and meaningful ones but couldn't do them all ... it was a wrench but, we have each other, so a few words in electronic files shouldn't make a difference.

ah well ....

I've copied my photo folders at least 3 times and will probably do them again before I delete them - too funny!

I just don't want to misplace anything - at least now, with Mr Tasmania, I will have a computer at home, so can download and then burn to disc asap.

And bushfires ... we had a shocking night in Sydney last night, the minimum overnight was about 26C, it was dry, it was windy, and there's a pall of smoke over the city from the massive fires in the Blue Mountains (still inaccessible, still out of control, still threatening to burst out of the Grose Valley and start burning into settled areas, as it has done historically). Poor Chiligirl has a headache from the smoke - not great when 7 months preggers, dealing with a 2 year old, and packing up a house!

I talked to mum this morning and dad was already in his firefighting gear, on standby to go fight the fires along the Wollondilly River near Goulburn ... they'd been phoned earlier and told they'd be called up a little later ... so he got dressed and sorted out all the gear he needs and will spend the time until the call 'doing paperwork' in his study - chucking stuff out hopefully! (I inherited the pack rat gene from dad!!!)