of visitors, backs, and work

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Date: 29 November 2006 03:45:46

wahoo, I've had 450 visitors this month, that's the most ever :) thanks all!

Mind you, I'm in two minds about that ... I kind of treat this wiblog like an agony aunt, and get it all out, the good and the bad ... so am I using as a diary, or a letter to some friends, or as a grandstand? Maybe all three at times :)

Ah well ... I'll just keep blathering and you can read if you want, how's that?

my back did not really enjoy the Tassie to Melbourne leg of the trip this morning ... but after a walk around the terminal, including a gate change at the last minute! (thanks VirginBlue!, not!!!!), the rest of the trip was great, a bit roller coastery coming in to Sydney, but a great view out the windows ... and only two sleeps 'til I see my boy again, as he's up here on the weekend - his last visit before our wedding, which is only 17 sleeps away.

The two days in the new job were great, I will have lovely workmates, the atmosphere is good, the location is great ... the job isn't anything I haven't done before, just a lot of stuff I will have to get to know on the job, so can't prepare greatly ... but that's okay, I'll work it out. I might have a few stressful weeks but I'm sure I'll get there!