of bedroom doors

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Date: 29 November 2006 22:02:07

They are a very very very good thing.

I have been staying with the BroBoss and the ChiliGirl, as I am essentially just a tourist on the mainland now :), and they have been very generous BUT I have been on the convertible couch in the room with the TV ... which is fine ... except that the WunderKind loooovvvveees his Wiggles / Thomas the Tank Engine / Brain Builders DVD's in the morning ...

We wake up around the same time 5:15'ish ... but I usually have a little brain time, prayer time, reading time etc ... now it's Wiggle time!

So, the door? Well ... they moved on the weekend ... and the couch is now in the room set aside for the new baby, who arrives in January .... Wunderkind had a full bore tanty this morning at 5am ... and Aunty High Heels just rolled over and went back to sleep until 6am - bliss!

not so bliss getting the back out of bed, as it had set in one position overnight! But it's loosened up nicely now, and I'm being good and using my stomach muscles to support myself, so hopefully, fingers crossed and lots of prayers, I'm fully on the mend.

I'm sure the ability to shut the door and a) sleep b) get changed without having to go to the bathroom c) leave my makeup and bits and bobs lying around instead of having to pack it all up d) have the curtains closed until I want them opened etc is making a huge difference to that!

And yes, Jack, only 17 (now 16) sleeps to go and it has come around fast! Until Sunday it was 5 weeks since I'd seen my boy and I hated that ... but we realised that was the last big lump of time we'll ever have to spend apart ... and it got rid of a huge chunk of time before the wedding, so it's crept up on us! Luckily the Super Parents are well and truly on the job and organising mightily!!!!