of visitors and busyness

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Date: 05 December 2006 06:48:54

I see I've had 48 visitors in December and I've only been here once! So thank you all :), and sorry I've not swung by and said hello :)

I've been a little bit busy ...

Training a new person to take over my job.

Calming down the BroBoss who is now the only family member working at his family business .... he will be fine, I've decided he likes worrying :)

Travelling to Tassie and Canberra to train in the new job.

Weddingy things! (11 sleeps - yahoooo! Can't come fast enough for me!)

Driving over 600km's since Sunday night.

Dealing with my sore back (now much better as I'm being good - with much teeth grinding)

sigh .... I'm really looking forward to my honeymoon - as is Mr Tasmania - but I think there's going to be an awful lot of sleeping done rather than anything else ;) as we're both really tired after a long long year .... of course, I could be changing my mind on that pm on Saturday 16th ....