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Date: 11 December 2006 05:15:56

yes ... I have had microdermabrasion and done the leg wax thing today .. as well as the eyelash tinting and eyebrow shaping. Manicure and pedicure to come .... I dunno, and people say being the bride is fun?

The dermabrasion was good, my face is nice and smooth (a present from the ChiliGirl's mum - a VERY price beautician).

I'm not really a manicure type of gal to be honest ... I go through stages when I wear polish for weeks ... but most of the time, I'm doing so much with my hands (which are usually wearing at least one or two scratches and the odd bruise) that I have short fingernails and no polish. A number of my friends are a little shocked that I'm not getting artificial nails for the wedding ..... as if!

I'm not even growing my nails, in fact I cut them all short on Friday :), so it'll be pretty nail polish on fingers and toes, and no mucking about .... there's girly and then there's just plain too much maintenance!

Seriously, I own a comb and hair dryer ... and that is the full extent of what I do to my hair. I wash it, I condition it, actually, most of the time I don't even comb it (yeah yeah, I know, I'm blessed that I have naturally wavy hair ... blah blah blah) .... The Amazon is a hairdresser, you can imagine what she thinks of my attitude :) I think she was pleasantly surprised when i said I'd get my hair done for the wedding in a salon, not just get her to do it!

Anyway ... my brain has checked out from work, but I'm still here for another day and a half approx :) .... the farm is looking good for the reception (despite being incredibly brown), my poor parents are SO tired, they've both been working as well as preparing for a wedding and living in a building site!

They'll be so glad to get done with the wedding and Christmas, and I can't blame them :)

I'll be glad to get done with the wedding too, and so will Mr Tasmania ... but not 'cause we're over it, we just want it to hurry up and be here!