of 4 sleeps to go, sick little boys, and gorgeous big boys

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Date: 11 December 2006 20:55:18

Wow .... we have only 4 sleeps to go .... 1 sleep until I finish work, 2 sleeps until Mr Tasmania flies in with his parents, 3 sleeps until we are picking up the flowers for the church VERY early at the flower markets in Sydney and heading back to the farm to descend into final preparation bedlam, 4 sleeps until we're married - how on earth did it sneak up so fast? Wasn't so long ago I was whinging about not seeing my gorgeous man for 6 weeks ... and now all of a sudden we're here ....

not that I'm objecting to that ...

just ..... wow!

The sick little boy is the son of Web Geek, one of my work colleagues, who is in hospital with a retropharangeal abscess in his neck ... apparently common in the 3rd world, very rare in Australia, and if not picked up and treated with intravenous antibiotics basically fatal! So, prayers if you will, he's about 3 years old, parents are good solid Christians who fully rely on God's healing powers HOWEVER they are also the parents of a very sick boy, so any prayers to help them keep fear at bay etc would also be welcome. Thanks all!

As for the gorgeous boy :) well, you know who that is :) He's flat out finishing work with his kids, cleaning up the work spaces, getting things prepared for the teacher who is taking his place next week, and getting ready to head up here on Thursday! He picks up his suit tonight, very exciting :)

he's a beautiful man and I'm a very blessed girl to be marrying him.