Yes, I am now Mrs Tasmania :)

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Date: 18 December 2006 23:33:37

though I will be keeping my 'wibbling name' of Miss Lisa ... mainly 'cause I"m lazy :)

Had a great day, obviously, thanks Deeleea for putting up a photo for everyone, and Ian for your words ... we had so much fun :) ... and everyone who went seems to have had just as much fun ...

I apparently did not break the record for the latest bride at the church, ever, but was only 5 minutes off at 25 mins late ..... just let it be known ;), just quietly, that I was actually ready to go at 25 TO 11 ....... have you met my sisters in law? The LATE Chiligirl and Amazon? Not all their fault really, makeup artists and hairdressers combined are a bad combo.... but they didn't exactly push them ... ah well, we made it, my gorgeous boy cried - which made a lot of girls cry :) - and we had a fabulous day.

It was a little cooler man hoped - 20C and overcast .... but when you consider the day before was 18C and pouring (yay) and Thursday had been in the 30's, we did pretty well .... mum said they had lunch outside on SUnday in the marquee (or as my nephew THe Sheriff calls it - The WEdding) and were bombarded with flies ... so I think we had the best weather of all thank you Jesus!

We are having a fabulous honeymoon on the South Coast, first two days staying in a converted church on the Berry Mountain, and now down in GErringong, where we are enjoying greatly our 4 1/2 star resort! - not the usual resting place for either of us on trips, so we are enjoying the luxuries and Mr TAsmania has just been introduced to the joys of a LUSH bathbomb :)

Okay, over and out for now, will tune in again probably closer to Christmas DAy!

thanks for all you kind wishes wibblers!

Mr and Mrs Tasmania