of Canberra

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Date: 09 September 2008 10:27:28

A lovely day in Canberra, not least of which of our lovely experiences (we being Mother, myself, and Mr Tasmania) was meeting up with the lovely Semele (whose long hair I think suits her very well, just by the by) at the National War Memorial. We met her briefly in the Orientation Hall (or thereabouts) and then had lunch with her in the upstairs cafe.

Was lovely to see her, and I'm very glad I remembered she worked there!

My dad has been doing well at the Christian Booksellers Trade Show in Canberra, he looked pretty cheerful, and seems to be on the mend healthwise. Was lovely to call in on him on our way into Canberra.

Mr Tasmania enjoyed the War Memorial very much - we spent nearly 3 hours there! - and while I must admit my love for it is mostly for the gorgeous buildings, I could see myself spending quite a few hours in there if I lived in Canberra and had easy access.

We then pootled across to the not so lovely but very useful suburb of Fyshwyck (where most of the outlet stores and industrial bits and bobs are located) so Mr Tasmania could show me the doors he is thinking of for the house.

Then across to Parliament House. Mr Tas was all for just doing a driveby and heading up Black Mountain to climb (well, elevate) up Telstra Tower, but was very glad in the end that I insisted that we go in for a look. In fact he thought it was absolutely amazing, and the view from the grassy top is outstanding. I must admit, as Parliament House's of the world go, it is pretty spectacular!

Then up and up and up Black Mountain to another spectacular view all around Canberra - well worth the windy weather (I left my cap in the car!).

Of to see dad, then home again by 6pm.

A good day!