Of travelling, relaxing, and far too short a holiday

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Date: 27 December 2006 21:14:04

I've only got 2 1/2 weeks left of this honeymoon! FAr too short :)

So, we're on phase 5 I think ... wedding, first honeymoon destination (Bellawongerah at Berry), second destination (BellaChara at Gerringong), Christmas at mum/dad's with the fam (good grief! A great day but my lord those kids are loud! :) - and their parents are all bonkers - pass the eggnog!), now we're in Sydney, house sitting for a week on the NOrthern Beaches - loverly!!!!!!

Great house, great dog and cat, excellent location, I"m off shopping with The Valkyrie this morning, MR Tasmania is suffering from a massive head cold (courtesy of my nephews!) and will probably stagger back here after we meet THe Valkyrie and fling himself back into bed, poor baby :(

I was given a $100 Myer gift card as a shower present so I"m off to buy bras in the sales! TMI? It's the only time of year to buy bras, too expensive otherwise :)