Of headcolds, husbands, and Happy New Year!

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Date: 31 December 2006 23:31:40

Yes, I have the headcold .... but at least I didn't get the sore throat! And Mr Tasmania is fully healthy again :) ... I think I have it less horribly than the rest of the family have appeared to - at least I haven't needed to go to the Doctor - and my lovely husband of 2 weeks and 2 days is looking after me ;) so as colds go it's not too bad!

We've had new years rain, so a lovely start to 2007, in this beautiful house in Narrabeen. I am having such a wonderful time really doing nothing ... whatever we decide to do, such a luxury for both of us! This is the longest holiday I've had since 1995 so we're making the most of it!

2006 was an amazing year for me - I still find it hilarious that I met, got engaged to, and married the man of my dreams and STILL haven't known him a year! (7 Jan was the date we met) ... amazing. Good old God eh ... surprises around every corner ;)

I hope 2007 brings you all great joy, fun, interest, and most of all, all you dream it will bring you!