of endings and beginnings

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Date: 02 January 2007 23:44:20

possibly not quite as profound as it sounds :)

we're having our last full day in Sydney before packing up this afternoon, babysitting for The Sheriff and The Deputy (so KombiBro and THe Amazon get to go to the movies at least ONCE this year), then brekkie with The Valkyrie in Manly tomorrow (and maybe Deeleea if I can get hold of her?) before heading down to the Farm for two nights. Then it's stuff all our gear into my tiny car (Toyota Starlet ... commonly known as the half car by my landrover driving husband!) and tootle off to Melbourne early SAturday morning to get on the Spirit of Tasmania late Saturday evening.

We will be arriving in Tasmania at 7am Sunday 7 January 2007 ... which will be exactly one year (give or take a couple of hours) to the day that I met Mr Tasmania, for coffee at the Four Olives in Manly.

Not bad for one year eh!

We had an awesome day in the city yesterday, went to the Powerhouse Museum (highly recommended, only $10 and AWESOME), walked over Pyrmont Bridge to Centrepoint Tower, where we DIDN'T go to the observation deck 'cause you have to combine that with an 'Aussie Experience' which we didn't want to do (and pay $24 for!) and the line was an hour long - so we gave that a miss. WE're a little peeved - I've been up the towers in Calgary, Toronto, and Auckland, and you can just go to the observation deck and have a squiz at the city - I'm not sure why Sydney has to be different? I'll be writing a letter ...

Anyhoo, off to Kinokinuya, the most AMAZING bookshop, which overlooks Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building, so is right int he centre of the city - enormous, amazing selection, could have spent hours, literally, and thousands, but oddly came out without spending a cent! Mr Tasmania's knee was hurting him so we toddled down to the Monorail and caught it back to DArling Harbour, where we had a two minute walk to the IMAX Theatre.

We saw Wildlife Safari 3D, fantastic! Honestly, 3D is amazing really, and this was a great doco ... we seemingly spent most of it perched on the backseat of a 4WD as a game warden hunted down lions, leopards, giraffes, etc - very cool.

Starbucks, then back to friends for a lovely barby - great way to finish a really lovely day (and the rain didn't bother us at all!)

Ah well, stop procrastinating, I have bills to pay, a bag to pack, and washing up to do ... as somebody has taken himself off with the above mentioned friend (PAB) to the driving range .....

On the up side, he's having a CD player put in my car today (my Christmas present) :)