Of Tasmania

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Date: 07 January 2007 01:38:44

well, we're here .... will write more later, but just briefly ...

drove from the parents place to Melbourne yesterday (744km)
drove onto the Spirit of TAsmania and travelled 429km's across Bass Strait last night (9pm - 6am)
drove off at Devonport and went straight to Macca's for brekkie and coffee!
drove to parents in law to show wedding photos and say hello we're here!
drove to new abode with husband of 3 weeks and 1 day

stopped driving and unpacked mountain of gear from very small car whilst said husband was ON THE INTERNET (he also had a slight meltdown - family stayed here over Christmas/New Year - but more coffee and a phone call fixed all that) -he is now doing things while it's my turn on the net :)

have eaten some small sausage rolls and a piece of shortbread - actually have just looked out the window and my husband is now UNDER the landrover ... I have no idea what he's doing .... anyway ....

have opened a mountain of mail and 3 wedding presents (first one's opened really, apart from some cheques from some lovely people and some towels - can't get enough of those! seriously!)

okay, best go. more unpacking to do!

BTW - today is our first anniversary - 1 year to the day since we first met for a blind date, courtesy of KombiBro and PAB :)