of leaving family but not really leaving

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Date: 09 January 2007 04:42:51

I've moved to another state, not really all that far away (only 1.5 hrs if you get the right flights) and know nobody here except those whom I've met through Mr Tasmania.

And the funny thing is it's great!

I think I'm really only just starting to come to terms with the fact that good old Aunty L won't be called on to babysit/buy milk/drive someone somewhere/buy the paper/help pack&move house - again/ etc etc etc ... all of which I have been happy to do most of the time ... but sometimes felt a bit more like the 'useful' person than the 'wanted' person .... not that any of them meant to make me feel like that I'm sure! I know they all love me - and Blondy, my youngest nephew (new name), has apparently been asking for 'shish' - he doesn't understand why I don't come home from at the same time as daddy anymore - which is nice - nice to know the 2 year old misses me!

I think it will be interesting for my siblings to have to rely on each other rather than Sis who is not upset/confused/angry with either of them - not that I'm saying they are any of those things, in fact they get along very well ... but being the middle man can sometimes be very very boring (and emotionally draining!) especially when you're the big sister as well.

I think I will miss my parents most of all ... and going down to the farm ... at least until I really start getting into stuff here and making my own mark on our little house .... at the moment it's mainly sorting out, trying to change my name (you'd think it'd be easy, i've only moved interstate, not to another country but no, obviously federating in 1901 meant little or nothing in terms of us all living in the same country - at least as far as red tape is concerned anyway!) ... the good thing is that the parents will land down here for a week from Feb 3 ... I think waving them off will be hard but, with my new job, I get to see them at least 6 times this year and not have to pay for the flights, so it will work out well ... and we can save our frequent flyer points from our visit to the UK in June to help pay for more flights next year.

I feel very very comfortable here, much the same as I've felt about my whole relationship with MR Tasmania (who reads this, by the way), it really helps me see God's hand in the whole thing, as this place (Tasmania) just 'fits', it works on every level (except maybe the higher levels of UVA/UVB rays - I'm a burner!).

We've spent time with his parents (Mr Tasmania put in a replacement hot water system for them yesterday - did I tell you he's very handy and I think I'll keep him?), and we pootled about doing all sorts of things. We brought back another of my cupboards and two boxes from his dad's garage, and I'm starting to arrange things - including rearranging a few things in the kitchen etc. He doesn't mind but I think it might be a little intersting to see how his family takes it - they've been used to stuff being this way in the beach house for years ... ah well, cross that bridge if we need to eh!

All in all, off to a good start, I'm happy, he's happy, it's a gorgeous sunny day and why am I inside?

Talk later!!!!