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Date: 15 January 2007 19:59:01

so, the new job was nice, the people I'm working with are lovely, I think it will prove to be very easy. Which is great.

I'm sure there are loads of you out there who have done the whole move to a new town thing - some even to a new country!

I rang mum as I walked to work yesterday, just to say hi, I'm on my way to work! etc, and promptly burst into tears ... I guess I should have expected it, she certainly did, but it really did catch me a bit by surprise. I've been a little bit teary a few times, but not like that ... and not 'cause I"m unhappy.

I guess it's 'cause everything is new - husband, house, state, job, town, all of it ... I'm just so glad that I have beena ble to come down to Tassie a few times in '06 and spend time with some of Richard's friends, who are now mine ... they have been lovely, 4 or 5 asking after me on my first day, or sms'ing, or dropping in - really makes you feel welcome.

And of course my boy is great, couldn't ask for better, he's a dream .... I guess adjusting is just a process we all go through eh?!