of very sad endings

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Date: 16 January 2007 10:50:29

hi all, this is the sort of post, if I'd thought about it, that I would hope I'd never have to post.

A very good friend of Mr Tasmania's died suddenly this morning, of a heart attack. He was 34. He has a lovely wife and two gorgeous children, 6 and 8 years old.

He was fit, lively, my nickname for him is Mr Outrageous. He was an usher at our wedding recently and I'm so grateful he was, in the last week or two their whole 'gang' (all of whom except for two attended the wedding) has told me or Mr TAsmania how great it was that they all got together as they hadn't been together like that for ages.

He was a very well known person in the area, involved in many many areas across a wide spread of interests, both for work and personally, and the funeral will be massive. Mr Tasmania is very upset, as are all their friends ... and I'm working in the office of his brother-in-law, so work is, as you can imagine, quite sombre.

I left work today to come and meet my boy as he came home after i passed on the bad news, and will go back in tomorrow with no idea of how it will be .... but each day as it comes.

If you could pray for the family of the Outrageous One I'd be very grateful.

I'm a pretty needy wiblogger at the moment, really glad you're all out there! So good to have a praying community, even if I've only met three or four members of it in person!