of shocking weeks and (hopefully) better ones ahead

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Date: 21 January 2007 08:04:07

Last week just gone was horrible, horrible, horrible - so I've been out of touch with a lot of people,pretty much keeping in contact only with my parents, siblings and husband, and bawling on the shoulders of all of them.

In addition to moving, changing names, all that other stuff etc, we had the funeral of Mr Outrageous yesterday - huge, 1500 people in the local Town Hall, great service etc, but very very hard on Mr Tasmania and the other friends ... and not so flash for me either, really, as I liked him and would have liked to have known him better, but also have to look after my husband - and it's very very upsetting when your husband is upset.

And I'm homesick. Very very homesick.

But it'll get better, it always does, I've been homesick before, and things improve. It definitely was not helped by the above events but would have struck this week anyway.

Which is not to say I don't love my boy, 'cause I do, and I wouldn't be away from him for the world ... but it doesn't change being homesick.

If anyone's up for a prayer they can pray for the job sitch too .... admittedly it was an unusual week, but it wasn't unusual on Monday and I was already feeling a little 'niggle' ... which continued to niggle until I had a chat with God on Friday and ran through the various possibilities of why I was niggling ... until I got to the one that went like this ... I"m in the wrong job, pure and simple ... and the weight of the world fell off my shoulders. So ... now I just have to find another job, one application going in tomorrow, 4 others being written Tuesday morning to put in the post, and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled and asking at various places if they have vacancies etc.

I will also have to decide when to tell the current job that I want to leave .... they are lovely people I'm working with, don't get me wrong, really lovely, and Christians too, which is a bonus common ground ... I just don't want to muck them around, so if they start making plans for me I"ll have to tell them sooner rather than later, maybe before I have another job to go to. Not an ideal solution but, honestly, I don't want to leave with a bad taste in my mouth or theirs, so, even though we'd have to scrimp and dip into some savings, I'd rather do that and keep hunting than leave a really big mess behind.

So, there it is .... on a lighter note, we received 4 big boxes from Peters of Kensington (a very very cool department store in Sydney, look it up, you can buy on the net!) on Friday night, some of our wedding presents, and we greatly enjoyed unwrapping those. My gorgeous boy looked after me and made me dinner and borrowed the DVD "Kenny" - for all of you who haven't seen it (and it might be hard to find outside Oz) it's totally worth it - HILARIOUS!!!! (fair warning - it's about poo - can't say plainer than that!).

and on the lightest note - I love my boy and he loves me ... so we can work through anything.