of holidays and missing my boy

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Date: 11 September 2008 12:44:59

who is in Byron Bay, thoroughly enjoying sun, surfing, and winning $100 (thanks to his dad's tip) at the Ballina Races. He also informs me he has spent part of said winnings on a counter meal of salt and pepper squid tonight, only one of my all time favourite meals .... hmmm.

Yes, I miss him a lot, am enjoying hanging out with the fam (mostly the parents) but not the same without him. It's an interesting thing, took me so long to get him (35 years), and was quite happy to do all on my own without 'him' being necessary, but now I've got him I don't really want to do stuff without him ... kinda nice actually :)

Have just come back from visiting younger brother and his wife - won't see her again before I leave on Saturday arvo, but will see him and kiddies. Will see BroBoss and kids on Saturday am too :) which is good. Only person I haven't caught up with is Party Girl, and I haven't even phoned her, which is probably very bad of me ... but I have bought her daughter a birthday present so I probably should drop it in. I want to see her but I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about it, not quite sure why, maybe because she's crap at keeping in touch and I send emails and leave messages quite often - but she's not Robinson Crusoe in that and she's a full time single mum to two teenage girls, who also works full time, and is studying to become a Town and Urban Planner ... so her life is full and I understand that ... I think I'm just having a petty pouty moment :)

ah well, maybe that means it's time to go to bed and see what tomorrow brings (apart from packing) ... I can't believe this week has gone so fast!