of better days :) and brighter futures

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Date: 22 January 2007 10:53:42

I forgot to mention the lovely Deeleea, who rang me yesterday and cheered me up immensely :). She's been there and done the homesick thing in a far bigger way - moved to a new country and significant other to weep copiously upon - so was very glad to hear from her!

And many friends who have emailed and sms'ed and phoned etc today are just such a blessing, I'm really very grateful to them all! My family has been in contact too - makes me feel very connected to the world, just lovely.

So, i went in to work today and my boss, The Senator (not kidding!) was in his office alone, and nobody else was in yet - very unusual, so I took it as a God opportunity, took a deep breath, went in and told him I was resigning. He was very very nice about it - he's a lovely man (brother in law of Mr Outrageous, by the way, so he had a rough week himself last week) - and he made me feel very relaxed about the decision which was great. So, I finish on 02/02 ... and my parents arrive for a week on 03/02. I may or may not have a job by then (hopefully I will) so either way it will be a great visit - either I will be in a new better job and be happy to spend time with them, or I will be here and be able to spend time with them - win win for me :)

I felt instantly lighter as soon as I told him my decision - and have continued to feel so - Mr Tasmania said he feels as though he has his girl back, poor man, he's been very worried about me - and I've known that too and have tried to not be as upset with not much success - but now it's looking a whole lot brighter. I am still homesick but I had conversations with both my parents today without bursting into tears(well, a couple of tears whilst talking to dad about the funeral on SAturday, but that wasn't homesickness, that was just sadness and memories of a very sad day) so I'm encouraged.

CHiligirl still hasn't had her baby, three days late now, and counting counting counting down! I'm betting on a girl, MR Tasmania is betting on a boy ... I'm pretty consistently wrong on this sort of thing so you can guess what it will probably be!