Of happiness :)

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Date: 26 January 2007 02:45:08

I am an Aunty once more - BroBoss (who'se name I may have to change I think) and the ChiliGirl have had a little boy (Little Oz - it's Australia Day today), born 25/01/07, 50cm long, 3.5kg, dark hair, dark blue eyes at present (no telling in this family - his brother had light blue eyes which stayed like that, his cousin, The Deputy, had dark blue eyes which stayed like that, The Sheriff had dark blue eyes which are now brown ... who on earth knows what this kids gonna end up like!). Chiligirl ended up being induced and 4 hours later it was all over - nice eh!

For those who know them, I think, at this early point, he has his dad's squashy nose ... but that's about all I could tell from the photos.

Aunty Miss Lisa did dissolve into tears when she rang and got the news - but that wasn't unexpected! And I"m good now.

Had a chat with The Amazon this morning - who has been there, done that - married, moved to New Zealand for 6 months, moved away from the city she'd lived in her whole life to the country, moved to Brisbane for 6 months away from everybody - very very good chat actually - and has made me feel a great deal more normal about the homesickness and the dealing with everything.

So I now am putting the brain to work and putting some strategies into place for dealing with things and moving on and making our life down here good. I love my boy, and it has been a strain on him which I havne't wanted b- but he is understanding which is great.

Part of my strategy is doing the things which are normal to me ie reading in the shower (yes, it is possible to wash and condition bum length hair and not get the book wet - as well as wash yourself - takes years of practice though - and the odd dropped book!), watching SUnrise as I get dressed, cooking dinner and not having a BBQ every night (nice as they are, itgets a bit tiring, BBQ and salad), reading, going for walks etc. I'm also going to dig out my crafty bits, finish writing the thank you's, write actual letters to people, etc etc etc ... and, once I"ve got a little bit more organised, updating all myaddress books etc so I can send out my new address and phone number to my mates - some of whom have it and some of whom don't!

So ... I will also be looking for the odd course to do (ie leadlighting, calligraphy, paper making, whatever - something to meet people and take me out of thinking about myself for a little while). And, hopefully, finding a job that is nice - definitely not high powered, enough money to cover our bills and add a little to Mr Tasmania's to save for holiday/house etc.

HOw's all that sound?

BTW - Happy Australia Day! It's 26 January 2007, lots of people are eating lamb and pavlova (we did that last night), lots of people are drinking far too much beer (we didn't do that), and most are outside getting sunburnt - welcome to Oz!