of calmness and job hunting

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Date: 31 January 2007 11:12:14

only 2 days togo .... it's been a good week at work butI'm still glad I decided to leave - even with a good day it's totally the wrong job for me :)

I didn't get the job as a Shipping Operations Officer ... I don't think I'm really too disappointed to be honest! I have sent out a number of apps, and am still sending out more ... and am going to send out some on spec to the local Private Schools .. we had word today that apparently all the office staff at one particular school are of retiring age - hopefully that was the nod to a blind horse, if you get what I mean, and it will work - I reckon I could do education again (did it once, 5.5 years running a school office, 1993 - 1998) .... especially being married to a teacher!

Life is on the up, I haven't had the homesickness blues this week at all ... mindyou, the parents are arriving saturday night for a week so we'll see how I go when we wave them off ... but I'm getting there!

and my boy is so good to me ... our little house is becoming OUR home, as my things get scattered about - amazing how much furniture you can fit into an already furnished house :)