of endings and beginnings ... and deja vu, I think I've used this title before!

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Date: 03 February 2007 00:06:26

so, I have finished my job with the Senator ... who is a lovely man ... and it's not actually a relief - the relief was when I resigned two weeks ago and it's just been doing my job and waiting for the last fortnight. I'm glad I'm done though, I have been thinking and praying about it, wondering if it was an emotional decision, not a sensible one, but it was the right thing to do and I have not one regret (well, maybe that i haven't managed to get another job yet - but it's not much of a regret!). They gave me a cake for a farewell which was really nice considering I'd only been there three weeks and they'd had to find someone else! The boss was really lovely and said he'd appreciated my work and my work ethic, which was great :) - leaving on a good note.

The funny thing is, my boy has cut out a job today that he thinks I'd be great in ... and it's the next office suite around on the same floor of the same building - how hilarious would that be! Ah well ... God has got a sense of humour, we know that ..... we'll wait and see! you know you'll know after me and Mr Tasmania when I get a job!

The good part of leaving is that we pick up my parents from Launceston airport tonight and they're here until 12 Feb (the day Mr TAsmania goes back to work) ... so I won't be working and he'll still be on hols while they're here, so we can make the most of it. It's mums birthday and official retirement day on Wednesday as well, so we can go out for lunch with Mr Tasmania's parents and them to alittle place called Boat Harbour - very very beautiful and a great restaurant.

So, today we are cleaning the house, having had a lovely breakfast in the sun listening to the waves break (behind the hill - about 400m away), he is washing the car, I've made the beds, we've hung the washing out, now I'm doing job apps - can't you tell? - whilst listening to a Frank Sinatra record - it's about 22C, heading for 24C, due to be 28C in Launceston. We're heading off around midday so I can check out the shops in 'Lonny' (about two hours away) 'cause a girl's gotta know what she's got to work with! The parents don't get in until around 830pm so we'll have quite a bit of time ... but we can get some dinner and read a book over a coffee - maybe even go to a movie - and it'll be a lovely day!

Life is good, God is good, Mr Tasmania is good, and so am I ;)