Of dangerous drivers

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Date: 18 February 2007 08:07:34

Have been a little busy, and computerless, lately, sorry 'bout that! This too will be short as the potatoe are in imminent danger of boiling over ....

Mr Tasmania (who's heart rate is still high!) has just remarked that it's amazing how you can drive for hours (in this case 6) with not one problem and then nearly get killed 400 metres from home.

Too true!

Driving around one of the final bends before home I (we, me driving) met a guy driving a truck with some sort of large green machine on it ... normally fine except he was ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD! Ba**ard! So, I missed him, I missed the pole beside the road (good reflexes and self preservation instinct kicking in ... reflexes saved us from the truck, self preservation from what my husband would say/do if I took out a pole with the beloved LandRover Discovery :))

It will be interesting when I SEE HIM IN CHURCH ON SUNDAY .... should I give him a death glare, kick in the (censored), or ... sigh .... be gracious and pretend it didn't happen ....