Of jobs!

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Date: 19 February 2007 10:23:00

Yes, I have a job :)

It is, admittedly, only a temp job - 4 - 6 weeks doing data entry for a company that is 6 months behind on its payslips - yikes - and hopefully I'll manage to pull a fulltime job in the middle of that ... but it's money - and that's a very good thing!

I have been industriously housewifey today as well, grocery shopping, presents for the husband's god-daughter, pruning plants, watering garden, washing clothes, mopping bathroom floor (still in need of work - husband was very clean very tidy very organised bachelor - but still a boy), organising dinner (though husband did actual barbequing thanks muchly), and have been attempting to reorganise my super fund - good grief - think I've finally worked it out but am now too tired to think so am going to bed ... so much for catching up with the wibbly world!

Night all!!!!