Of Tasmanian Devils, running with alcohol, trips and job hunting

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Date: 22 February 2007 10:58:55

so, I'm covering a lot of ground in this little blog!

1 I saw my first Tasmanian Devil in Tasmania today (have seen them previously at Taronga Zoo in Sydney) .... unfortunately it was dead in the middle of the road but still, they are here, they are real. and they live near my house!!!!!

2 wasn't me running with alcohol ... and Mr TAsmania didn't mean to .... but he was out running this arvo in the town up the road (we met after work and had dinner with his mum) and, having no money and gasping for water, called in to the bottlo (owned by a friend of his) where he knew he could grab a water and pay later. Unfortunately, after sculling the 500ml bottle, he discovered he had not grabbed spring water ... he had grabbed VODKA water!!!! A very wobbly kilometre later he wobbled into the loungeroom and collapsed for a while :)

3 We've booked a trip back to Sydney for the Tassie long weekend in March - 3 weekends away - hooray! I had a minor meltdown yesterday, homesickness (which I have been getting under control as I get more involved in things, work out where things are, find my feet as it were) + tiredness + starting a new job (even though they're really nice!) + TTOTM (That Time Of The Month, for those who aren't in the know) makes for a bad combination ... poor Mr Tasmania, he's such a gorgeous boy, he looked up flights and we booked last night.

4 I did not get the fulltime job I went for last Friday - but that appears to be a good thing, judging from a few comments from people about that company after I've said I didn't get he job - God is looking after me, obviously, so I need to just relax and go with the flow a bit and the right job will show - by relaxing I don't mean I'm going to sit still and hope that a job will 'appear' - I'll still put in the spade (or computer) work and look and apply!

5 Okay, going to bed - it's 30deg C in the house ... no flyscreens .... so ... melt with windows closed or suffer from uninvited mosquito type visitors? hmmmmm