of home again home again jiggity jig

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Date: 16 September 2008 10:05:54

well yes, we're home ... it's cold and the gas bottle ran out last night, it's been absolutely pouring, and I'm back at work while Mr Tasmania is not.

BUT we had a great time while we were away, not to mention that the weather was HOT, so guess it's not so bad. I had the tired grumpies last night, but all is much better today.

We have Mr TAsmania's mate staying tonight, in preparation for the two of them (+ the POtato King) heading down the Pieman River for the day. He's nice, a little uncivilised I guess, but not too bad. 49, single, into engines, lives by himself, ex-navy, owns his own house.

Anyhoo, husband is cooking tea and I'm organising credit card rollovers. Not real excitement going on in Casa Tasmania ... but then again no horribles either :)