Of jobs and filing cabinets

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Date: 23 February 2007 23:14:50

Just a quick update - finished the first week at the new temp job - went very well, they're lovely people - data entry is incredibly boring BUT at least I can see where I've been, as there is a large pile of paper on the 'finished' side of the desk :)

Lots of prayers etc but they may well keep me on in a fulltime admin possie- which would be fine, they're very very nice and it's a bright, open, office with lots going on, so I can be comfortable in that environment. Wouldn't be on a wage anywhere near what I had in Sydney (or with the Senator) BUT I'm not in Sydney or Melbourne, where the big money is, so that's to be expected. Any money (above a certain amount) is good money really!

We're going to pick up my filing cabinet today - yes, many peoplewould not be excited about that BUT it's a lovely wooden cabinet, has three drawers, and I will be able to put all my old files back in it (and thus empty a few boxes, a very good thing!) and put my NEW paperwork in it (thus clearing space on bookshelves, Mr TAsmania's filing cabinet, etc etc) and therefore will be able to ... wait for it ... FIND THINGS!!!!

A new deli/hot bread/fish (blarg)/butcher complex has recently opened so we're going to go and check that out too - with a bit of luck it'll have a few odds and sods that I"m missing, which would be phenomenal!!!! It's the little things really ....

We're booking a trip to Sydney for Easter as well in the next week or so so I'm happya bout that too!!!!

And yes, nasty Tassie Devil disease, they said on the radio last night that if none of the drastic actions they're taking work the Devil's could be no more in as little as ten years, except for zoo populations, which is incredibly sad.

And also, yes, the museum with the Tasmanian Aboriginal bits (see comments previous post) = unbelievably arrogant, is all I can say, just shockingly embarassingly awfully arrogant. They may be just bones to them but to their descendents that are/were real people.