of applying for jobs, lovely days, and swimming

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Date: 25 February 2007 07:34:01

we've had a beautiful day .. church, the Sydney papers, getting a few bits and bobs done, then a swim - the water is not usually as warm as it is at present (22C) so we're taking advantage!

It's still gorgeously sunny and warm and my boy has just returned with steak sandwiches and chips - yummy!

If anyone's in the mood to pray ... we cut a job out of the paper yesterday, which would really be THE job for me - Office Admin, small office, environmental consultancy etc etc etc - and in the town we are going to be building in -literally 5 minutes to work! I don't want to get myself all revved up BUT I have to trust that God knows what he's doing, of course - so, any prayers for either this being the right job OR the right job showing up soon will be gratefully appreciated :)
PS the bonus of the above job would be that the guy I'd be working for is the treasurer of our church - keeping it all int he family as it were. :)