Of trips home ... and coming home

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Date: 12 March 2007 23:24:08

Yes, as I think I mentioned before, I have two homes .... NSW (which includes wherever my brothers are living + mum/dad's place, where I have spent the greater part of my life) and Tasmania, with my boy.

It can make life interesting at times ....

So, after work on Friday we headed off to Launceston to catch the plane to Sydney ... we met up with Mr Tasmania's nephew at the Casino for dinner (late flight) and got into Sydney around 10:15pm. The Valkyrie [my blonde very Germanic friend] picked us up and we went to the McCafe in Neutral Bay for coffee and a catchup, finally getting to Kombi Bro's house (youngest of my two brothers, for those who came in late) around 11:30'ish ... found the key, let ourselves in, and passed out!

At 7am the door flung open and in marched The Sherriff (nephew number 1) - Aunty Lisa!!!!! And Mr Tasmania!!! He was very excited to see us, and bounced up and down on the bed, talking at great speed and volume for half an hour, before we finally got up. Was nice to see the Sheriff's Deputy (niece - one and only) walking around and talking and giggling - and she remembered me (us) too, which was great - the way my emotions have been lately I don't know how I would have reacted if she had not recognised me! The BroBoss and Blondie (nephew number 2, son of my ‘oldest youngest' brother [who was my boss in Sydney]) turned up on the doorstep (ChiliGirl - sister in law - and The Grouch - nephew 3, brother of Blondie) and Blondie was very happy to see SHISH, as I'm known (combination of Aunty Lisa and sis, which is what my siblings call me). He's all cute blonde curls and speaking in sentences now too, amazing what 8 weeks away from them will do!

So, we had breakfast with the Sydney Proud Family (as opposed to the Devonport Proud Family) and my brother and kids at a local large garden centre café (sister in law [The Amazon] works there, in the florist part (woman in charge!) on Saturdays, so she was present but not with us), then headed to the BroBoss's abode to meet up with parents and various friends for a bbq catchup ... BeautyGirl (one of my old flatmates), Deeleea (who wibblers will know) and the Valkyrie (who didn't come as she was ill, so it was good we'd caught up the night before!).

We had a great afternoon, chatting, eating, drinking leftover wedding champagne, just generally catching up. I had a few ‘moments' but they weren't too bad. Another part of the adjustment I hadn't really thought of was how you cope with everyone changing, buying new furniture, learning new words, moving things, etc, when you've been there for all of it in the past, and were sometimes the first one to hear the new word, and were shown pics of the new furniture before it was bought, and was the first person called when an emergency babysitter was needed, and can you grab some milk we're out, etc etc etc .... But that's life and we all communicate well so just have to make sure we maintain that ... talking to the kids, sending photos and pictures, phoning, emailing, all that stuff ... it works both ways too, I'm doing stuff that they're not involved in and don't know about unless I tell them.

We went back to KombiBro's and watched I Robot with them and off to bed - lovely day!

Up VERY early as The Sheriff charged on in and joined us in bed - very chatty between cat naps, but finally went to watch telly so we had another hour. Then a lovely brunch with my brother and sister in law and off to the parents house in the BroBoss Golf GTI (Mr Tasmania VERY happy).

Tried to catch up with Oldest Friend (obviously, my oldest friend) at the polocrosse but missed her ... and missed her again that night, so will see her at Easter hopefully. Off to the parents, where my dad's oldest sister and one of my cousins had arrived for lunch. We had a good time, and it was great to catch up with them. Went around the extensions the parents are doing, they are advancing so quickly, there should be bathrooms and painting and all sorts done by time we get back in April, very exciting! Mum's plans for the bathrooms sound great, I'm really looking forward to seeing it all come together! Also checked out some garden plantings and various other bits and bobs.

Was lovely to just be with my parents and spend time with them.

We also went and looked at the new shopping centre in the old home town ... only opened last Thursday so packed with people - Big W, Woolies, KFC, Michel's Pattiserie, Tandy electronics, PriceLine Pharmacy and more ... the old home area is growing rapidly! I had a little breakdown after that, had been a bit snappy with my poor baby, but it was a good thing, I probably needed a little cry so was good to get it out of my system - poor baby, he has been putting up with a lot from me, but realistically I can't help it at times, and it's getting less, so hopefully it will all calm down soon.

Dad was in Sydney, at a studio where they are mastering the CD of healing hymns he has been recording J

Monday sleep in - yay! Miss Canberra (friend since we were 13, bridesmaid) came over for a cuppa and catchup which was just lovely - she knows my parents really well too so we all had a good time - Mr Tasmania took off half way through to ‘put petrol in the car' .... And call in at the Kawasaki dealership! J

Lunch then off to Sydney for a quick catchup with ChiliGirl, then meet The Rock and his wife for a cuppa, drop the car off to the BroBoss, then off to the airport. A good trip home, and nice drive from Launceston (2 hours) and home by 11pm.

Not too tired at work this morning, back to the temp work dataentry, just repeating that the people are nice and the money is good, but please God I really really want a fulltime job that I can get my teeth into!

Ah well ... God's timing and faith in all circumstances eh J