Miss LIsa ..... has been busy!

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Date: 18 March 2007 06:49:20

Yes, hit the ground running and have not stopped this week ... but it's all okay stuff :)

Has been a good week, had a couple of small 'moment's' but generally great :)

Have a job interview on 27 March.

Have been told I will get a call for another interview this week.

Have been told that there is a possibility (more like a probability) that I will be offered a trial period with the people I'm temping with to see if I like an admin job, which would then be a permanent job.

So, things on job front looking up :)

Have been moving things around in abode, looking good :) - as is husband :)

Did a class yesterday, with Adult Education, 'making a slumped glass plate' - really, decorating a sheet of glass, which is then fired over a form, slumping, and (assuming I have actually managed to pick a good range of colours - they're different when you paint them on to when they are fired) then you have a masterpiece ... or at least something you can say 'I made it myself' about :)

Went to see the Burnie Musical Society's production of The King and I with the mother in law (SAturday 2pm, I love a matinee!) - excellent, very very very good - King could almost sing but was phenomenal actor, Anna a bit skinny for my tastes but great voice, cast very cool, Prince Chulalongkorn and Louis fabulous, set design AMAZING!!!!! Apparently they are getting request for interstate to hire it, it's so good - and I'd believe it, really fabulous design.

Friends dropped in last night, very very nice catchup.

Church this morning - gifts of the spirit - using the ones you have, not trying to find the ones you'd like - up to the block (where we will build, eventually :)),pulling out small gum trees, ferns etc.

Back home, reading papers, then cleaning and doing all jobs we've neglected.

Now about to have a cup of tea!!!!