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Date: 31 March 2007 01:25:07

Have finished 6 weeks of temping - no more data entry - yay!

The people were lovely, and they like my work ethic - in fact if I want it I basically can walk into an Admin job there.

I have an interview on Thursday for a job that I think I'd really like - so I (assuming they like me!) have options - which is waaaaaayyyyy different to the situation a few weeks ago.

The washing is nearly done.

Mr Tasmania has gone surfing and I don't feel deserted as I have plenty to do in 'our house' - nice eh :)

I have had only one really really bad wobbly moment in the last week - it was very very bad but at least it was only one!

I did a class which involved painting a sheet of glass (and adding little bits of fibreboard underneath), selecting a form, and leaving it with the artist to fire it ... and it's gorgeous :) - apparently the teacher told the adult education admin ladies that she thought it was good enough to sell! Nice!

It's a gorgeous sunny day, but we've had rain in the last two days, so things are ;slightly' greener, the creek is running, and the air is fresh.

We're heading home (other home) to Sydney/Southern Highlands at Easter so we're looking forward to seeing friends and family - the BroBoss has to have his tonsils out and his epiglottis trimmed - yurk - (massive snorer, sleep apnoa, all that stuff, good to get it sorted in his early 30's before it gives him a heart attack in his 50's!!!) so he won't be up for much but it'll be good to see everyone else. Will spend Easter with parents, looking forward to seeing their extensions - almost done I think! - and will take Mr TAsmania to the Sydney Royal EAster Show ... as he's never been and I haven't been for about 5 years - should be great.

Okay, washing done, must dash, lots to do on my list before Mr TAsmania gets back from his surfing safari down the west coast of Tasmania :)