Letters from a housewife ....

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Date: 02 April 2007 08:43:08

Yes, it is my first day of being unemployed - again - but this time without the stress and angst ... or only a little twitchiness.

I have a job waiting for me as soon as I put an application in. It's a good job, lovely people, good wage, can be taken in whatever direction I wish apparently. 5 days a week, 8:30 - 5pm, 40 minutes drive.

I have an interview on Thursday for another job, very interesting, all stuff I've done before, I like the sound of it a lot. 3 days a week to start, heading to 5, 15 mins drive, not sure of hours yet.

So, assuming job 2 wants me, I will have to make a decision ... which job do I want ... hmmm ....

Still, it's a far better situation than I had a few weeks ago, when nobody even wanted me for an interview!

so, what did housewife Lisa do today? Aside from watching the TV to see if Australia's East Coast was going to be hit by a tsunami generated by the earthquake which hit the Solomon Islands earlier this morning ....

I cleaned the kitchen (have you looked at the top of your fridge lately? It could be scary, you might want to take a friend to hold your hand!)

I tidied up paperwork and rewrote a lot of lists so they made sense and weren't depressingly messy and unreadable (and crossed some stuff off and added some more stuff).

I put two loads of clean clothing/towels away.

I had 2 cups of tea (Including one with a friend who dropped in)

I walked to the local shop twice to pick up the mail (first time it wasn't in, obviously) and was pleased to find our ebay purchase of a tuner for the stereo had arrived - we are currently listening to ABC Radio - hooray! - poor seller, cost us $15 + $15 postage - he paid $27.35 for postage - obviously hadn't done his research ...

I did a bit more pruning - I am not planning on major landscaping down here, it's not the right place for it BUT I am a gardener, I want hedging plants to look like hedges and actually do that job, rather than sprawling all over the place and hiding nothing (except mosquito nests) - and I will be planing hardy things like daisies, lavender, possibly some succulents, scented and unscented geraniums, etc.

I have dragged out a pile of stuff to go through, repack, and take back to the parents - in - law's garage.

I have emailed some girlfriends to see if we can have brekky whilst we're in Sydney over Easter.

I have read a few more pages of my book.

I went into a TV daze while flicking channels and watched 10 minutes of Days of our Lives before I could stop myself - is there a 12 step programme or a patch?

I wrote out a list of trees, plants, shrubs etc for various gardening plans / positions I have in mind - shack, the block, etc

I went to the shop again (drove this time) after Mr Tasmania arrived home and bought some bread (plus some lollies)

and that's it so far .... dinner would be next on the list I think :)

and some plans for tomorrow ... window washing and a bit of banksia tree destruction possibly ....