Chapter 2 from Housewife Headquarters ....

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Date: 03 April 2007 11:50:06

God really looks after me big time ... was a bit 'wandery' this morning, couldn't really settle to anything. Watching 'Sunrise', had brekkie, went into the bedroom to make the bed and was just starting to feel really sorry for myself, tearing up etc (not good reason, as usual) when there was a knock at the door and a friend (Teacher in Training) stuck her head in and invited me down to her place in an hour or so for banana cake with her and her three year old, The Fairy Queen. Nice eh :), excellent timing as ever on the God front!

So, I puddled about and did stuff all day ... am now settling down to type out song (hymn) lyrics for my dad ... he's made a CD of healing hymns, my brother is currently doing the cover etc, so I"m typing up the lyrics for them, quicker than Dan, and dad's keyboard bites big time :)

Husband is in bed reading Bill Bryson's 'Down Under' and watching All Saints ... I've got CSI going in the background :) .... we have fairly different viewing likes and dislikes - he watches the AFL (footy), I watch Stargate etc ... at least we both watch Top Gear!

Okay, work to do!