Still waiting for a job ....

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Date: 12 April 2007 10:00:01

I got a call today to say I didn't get the job I interviewed for last week ... on the whole I'm not too disappointed really. They've fuddled about organising interviews etc and downsized the job from 5 - 3 days (heading to 5 later), etc etc etc ... so while it would have been closer to home and working with a guy from church and an area that I would find interesting ... probably not such a bad thing that it went to someone with a bit more experience in the area the job is involved in.

So, waiting now to see if the Boss at the place I was temping at is as good as his word ... he has basically said that if I applied for an Admin Officer position there I'd get it .. and I did that ... and the job closes tomorrow ... so we'll see what Monday brings eh :)

Hopefully it will work ... if not, guess it's back to the job application grindstone!

We didn't end up going to the show as it was pouring in sydney over Easter - which was actually quite nice, it was lovely and green and relaxing. We headed down to the parents place, were enormously surprised by the new deck! that they have been keeping a secret!!!! and had a thoroughly great time :)

Caught up with some friends, Mr Tasmania bought my dad a drop saw so he could cut architraves etc for the extensions (isn't he cool!), headed back to Sydney and saw other friends, (did a 'little' shopping!). Wednesday he went for a run across the Harbour Bridge and back, we walked to Milsons Point for brekkie, then Mr Proud took us to the airport and back to Tassie we came :)

So now ... I wait for a job (hopefully) and make the most of the time I have off - wouldn't want to get a job and realise I've frittered away my 'holiday' now would I!