mad people

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Date: 17 April 2007 09:19:30

Before I talk about mad people ....

I cooked my first roast last night ... yes, I know, I'm 36, I love to cook, why on earth haven't I cooked a lamb roast (or any roast) before now? Well ... mum's a good cook, BroBoss is a good cook, KombiBro is a good cook, The Diva was the only person in the world who could do a decent roast ... etc etc etc .... but now, I did a 2kg lamb roast last night for my boy and some friends and it was a roaring success - yay :)

Having a good butcher helps too :)

I talked to the people I temped for and they sound like they want me to start fulltime with them - just have to wait until the boss is back from a conference - stay tuned!

It's cold and windy today, with isolated showers. I've been raking up heaps of bark and banksia leaves and dead grass to burn ... we can burn 1 sq metre piles, the permit season isn't over yet, so when the weather settles I'll be burning the piles ... or that was the plan

now, if it's at all calm tomorrow i'll burn them all ... mainly becomes some mad moron came past tonight, stopped, lit a pile, and took off! I heard the car take off but didn't think anything of it as lots of cars pass our house (we're on one of the two roads into our little town). Luckily I stood up from my paperwork to get a drink and noticed the smoke! I thought it might be the place across the road but then thought it was a bit close so went for a look ... well, there were a few words said then I grabbed two buckets of water and put it out. If it had been a calm night i would still have had something to say but I would probably have let it burn ... but it's very very gusty tonight and it's just too dangerous to let it go.

Some people are obviously BORN with a frontal lobotomy!