waiting, waiting, waiting

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Date: 23 April 2007 09:51:29

still waiting to find out about the job ...

anyway ....

Had a lovely weekend, starting Friday night with dinner at 'Fish on the Edge', a great place on the outskirts of Burnie run by friends of Mr Tasmania's. Awesome calamari and salad and FANTASTIC coffee - yay! I haven't tried their gelato yet but everything else is so good that I"m sure it's amazing too.

Just as we finished THe Somersets arrived to have dinner, so we hung out and chatted with them until nearly 9pm .. dropped in on Mr Tasmania's brother (Neat) and his wife (Mrs Neat) on the way home, which was lovely (they are very very nice and very very neat :) ) ... they gave us some new pillows for the spare room which is great :) + a new jug - hooray!

Saturday we spent the day at home (Mr TAsmania is constantly saying he wants a day at home, and I spent the whole day preventing him from running off and doing other things ... he's a funny boy!) I then went off to a hen's night in Burnie (BAyviews Restaurant, very very nice - great margherita pizza!) and got home around 2:30am (with the teacher in training in tow) .. nice to have a sleep in on Sunday! Mr T went for a walk around Burnie with The Hairdresser and Smurfette to check out the Targa TAsmania cars and had a great evening too (though not quite as late as mine).

Sunday (after I got up!) we decided to head off to Greens Beach, on the West Coast, and MR Tasmania took off on his bodyboard while I took pictures, watched him through the binoculars, and read the papers in the sun - lovely :)

We passed the Somersets on the way back, as they headed down for a late surf. A lovely surprise when we got home came from TEacher in Training and THe Hairdresser - chicken burgers! Yummo! lovely seeded mustard dressing and best of all .... we didn't have to think about it! :)

NOt a bad weekend at all ... and today was gorgeous, spent it pottering about, doing lots of little jobs ... and raking up another pile of stuff to burn (yes, I am a pyromaniac at heart!) ... I'm quite enjoying being a housewife .. especially when I get to sit in the sun and eat my lunch and read a book! I would like a job and some money coming in though .... ah well, God will provide, I know it, I just have to exercise patience!