I didn't say

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Date: 24 April 2007 10:09:01

that we went and saw 'Wild Hogs' while we were down in parent land (that's UP to Sydney, then DOWN to the Highlands ... confusing yes?). Loved it, not a skerrick of a plot but loved every single second of it ... and the last five minutes especially, with the arrival of the 'cameo' actor - very very cool! Definitely have to stay through the credits as well if you go, Ray Liotta is a gem! (and still cute!!! - not as cute as my boy of course, not possibly, but very cute all the same).

I'm still waiting to hear if I got the job ... and it's ANZAC Day tomorrow (for those who don't know, this day commemorates, basically, vast amounts of Australian and New Zealand soldiers flinging themselves against the sheer cliffs of Gallipoli (in Turkey) (and yes, as a result of being given wrong information - they were supposed to go in in a different position) fighting the Turks. Many of them died and it's a memorial of valour and fighting spirit rather than a great victory (which it wasn't). I love a good dawn service but always cry - so I wouldn't even consider going to join the Dawn Service at Gallipoli, which will be flocked by thousands this year (most young Australian's backpacking through Europe divert to GAllipoli if they are anywhere near it on April 25), I'd be a total blubbering disastrous mess.

Still, I've made ANZAC biscuits (I like crunchy - will probably make more this week as I have the oats and they're yummy!) from the good old Commonsense Cookbook, and I'm looking forward to the day off. Not that it's a day off for me, as I'm basically 'off' fulltime at present, but it's a day off for my boy :) which is good, as schoolteachers work hard (don't argue, I'm a daughter of two and a wife of one, I know of which I speak!, and I don't want to hear your arguments until you've survived a summer week in a demountable classroom teaching 30+ 10 and 11 year olds) and need any breaks they can get.

So, we have the heater going, we've had beef and cabbage soup (yum), I'm going to watch Dancing with the Stars, and he'll probably go to bed at 9pm ... and who knows what we're doing tomorrow ... surfing, golfing, burning things (the local Parks and Wildlife had a major hazard reduction burn down here today - very smoky, I loved it. Am I weird?), moving the poor dead washing machine out to the 'tip' pile (along with various things I've discovered under the house) ... so many options!