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Date: 08 May 2007 10:46:45

Yes, finally, whew!

I bawled for half an hour after they rang ... relief I'd say ... it's amazing how much self confidence you can lose job hunting, and I think being told (in the last four jobs) that I'd come second probably was worse than just getting a letter to say thanks but no thanks ... you know, almost but not quite ... and then to know that those four jobs had gone to in house applicants so the interviews were basically a waste of time ... hmmmm ... so, much happier now!

Tired too ... emotional come down I guess :)

So, admin, not for profit, community health care (veterans, disabled, frail aged, respite etc) ... pay okay (remembering I'm in the country not the city - not that it really makes that much difference to the cost of living to be honest, car rego, phone bills, petrol, all that stuff doesn't change .. sure, you can get food cheaper by buying from butchers who kill their own beasts [apologies to any vegetarians or squeamish!], or from the vegetable sellers who sell local stuff .. but really, the cost of living is not that much different so the lower wages are a bit of a ripoff), will find out about holiday availability, time of hours worked, all that blah blah blah on Monday. People are nice though (having done 6 weeks temping is a real advantage when walking in to a new office on a first day - I even know where to go and get coffee and who's cup not to use!).