time out for now :)

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Date: 15 May 2007 11:16:49

but happy ...

I've started work and the office is gorgeous .... the people are lovely .... and I will gradually get used to working again :)

Especially after payday.

I have really appreciated my parents being here this week as well as I have come home the two days I've worked and had dinner made for me - bliss! and the boy is loving that too.

I was shattered yesterday, I think I"ve realised that as EVERYTHING in my life is new, each time there's a change the impact on me is way out of proportion to where it would normally be, as is my reaction to it. So, came home and slept for an hour last night.

Bawled all the way home tonight and I had a really good day at work! I think it's come down, relief, all that sort of stuff, that I'm finally out of the cycle of COMING SECOND to internal applicants ....

I think I can feel my 'work brain' coming back though ... this job will be busy but quite a lot less expected of me ... and I have to adjust to working in a place where noone knows me and my capabilities ... it's all very interesting .... and probably very good for me.

So ... i'm happy with my boy, happy I'm earning money, and will be happier day by day with being back at work as I readjust to being back and adjust to this particular job ... but in the meantime I'm going to take a little time out from the blog .... one less thing to think about it :)

Please feel free to call in and see me though! I'll be calling by and seeing you ......