Of crayfish and holidays and house building and work and church conferences

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Date: 11 June 2007 09:19:14

Working backwards ... our church (a branch of Deeleea's  ... just a tad smaller, here in Tassie's NorthWest) is holding it's annual Youth Conference this week. It is open to all comers, youth not being a prerequisite. Mr Tasmania and I have dipped out however ... been there done that. I was a having a little think about how we felt about it, worried that we'd gotten old and cynical ... but I've decided that we haven't, we've just been to too many conferences. I've found you can always learn something ... but sometimes it's better NOT to go and retain a good attitude towards your church, rather than go and write grocery lists ....

Anyway, I'm sure it's gone swimmingly (‘cause there's not other swimming down here at present - it's chilly  - though a rather pleasant 14C is not too bad actually, warmer than my parents are experiencing - predicted to hit 12C their way. Sydneyites are probably thinking their throats have been cut as the temp hits a ‘freezing' 15C ... I can hear the gales of laughter from the Northern Hemisphere now!).

Work is okay. The people are nice, the location is great, the office is lovely, I now have my own computer and have managed to make sure I am at the back of reception with only a window behind me - yay! I was going to phone another company today to request more information on a PA job they have advertised ... but at this point only for information, not because I want to leave  ... but have decided not to. I think I should just stick to this job for the moment, learn a few more skills, get to know a few more people - and how bad would it look on the resume to have left another job after less than a month!

Mr Tasmania is on holidays, currently playing golf (I don't think he'll be a happy boy - it's ages since he's played and he has ‘the finger' to deal with - hmmmm). He's picking up his parents and then coming to get me and we're heading to Hobart for the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend. About a 3.5 hour drive from Burnie I think (with a small stop off in Devonport for KFC - yummy, love the fake potato and gravy!).

I'm going to the Salamanca Markets tomorrow (to buy socks! ... very cool funky striped socks of course ... and look at other bits and bobs) whilst Mr Tasmania visits a mate, then we're doing the Peppermint Bay Cruise with his parents, niece, and sister on Sunday, then home on Monday - so it should be a lovely relaxing weekend and I'll get to know Hobart a little more.

It's very funny, Tasmanians, I have been told this week, ‘don't travel' .... And it's true! We live 15 minutes out of Wynyard and people talk about it as if it's a week's trek! I, apparently, drive such a long way to work (40 whole minutes!) ... too funny ... and HOBART! The ends of the earth!!! The mainland is just beyond thinking about in some cases - but then there are others who travel heaps! Very interesting really ... mind you, I know (seriously!) some people in Sydney who have never travelled ‘over the bridge' - the Harbour Bridge that is ... ie live in the South, never ventured North ... bizarre! I love my home comforts but there is a definite limit 